Spring Clean

I am a squirrel by nature which does have some advantages…..you always know what you want is here somewhere!!  But there comes a time when even squirrels need to clear stuff out and this year thats spreading into my workspace.  I always count myself as fortunate that I started my photography career in the age of film.  I still love film, it slows you down makes you think and is just lovely stuff to work with.  It has also made me a bit of a back-up freak.  With film we had the past 100+ years to look at and see it lasted, when digital came along we had no idea how it would last, and how many technologies have already altered.  I started backing up on zip drives, then cd or dvd plus external hard drives.  Now I still use external hard drives but also cloud storage.  My advice would be please please do back up your photos even if its just snaps on your phone because you never know, lose that phone and how many memories go with it?

Anyway back to the reason for this blog, I have an archive of over 20years of my professional work.  Weddings and portraits that hopefully still mean something to those families that I did the work for.  I just don’t have the space to keep on storing all this, its time for a change, its time for it to go.  So if I have done any work for you over the last 20 plus years at the moment I guarantee I’ll still have it all, but I will no longer be keeping it.

Its time to bag a bargain if you’d like your negatives or digital files get in touch now!  I’m only asking for £50 for a wedding and £25 for a portrait. Many of you have been regular customers so if I’ve done more than one piece of work for you I will bundle it together at further discount.  Email me if you’d like to discuss or order your part of my archive Contact UsnegsA very very small portion of my archive.

Summer 2013 Offers

The summer is finally upon us!

And to celebrate we are offering great discounts on our finished products. So grab this chance to get something amazing from your Wedding or Portrait session.

These offers are for a limited time only so don’t delay.


benner canvas

canvas 001


benner box

box 001


benner framed

frames 001


benner nat

naturals 001


If you would like any more information about these offers or anything else please don’t hesitate to contact us or use the form below.


What Should I Wear?

wear banner 001 copy

The clothes you wear in a portrait can have a big impact on the end result so if you are not sure what to wear please feel free to bring a couple of outfits and change here at the studio.

COMFORT     Feeling comfortable in what you are wearing will have an influence on how you look in your portrait.  So make sure you feel good in the clothes you choose.  What we wear conveys something about our personality and on the look of the portrait, so think about how you want the picture to look- i.e. if you are after a fun vibe then casual bright clothes will suit, but if you want to look more traditional you will need to dress more formally.


The most important feature of the portrait is your face so avoid loud patterns that will detract.

Long sleeves better than short.


Wear similar tones.  If everyone is in dark tones apart from 1 person in light tones, that person will stand out.

Denim in any colour works well.  It’s a classic that won’t go out of style.

Avoid Patterns and busy designs. All busy patterns will be distracting.

Beware of Red it attracts attention, if you want to stand out on purpose wear red.  If you chose red for everyone, its best if they match.

wear banner 002

CHILDREN  are the exception and do look good in brighter colours.

Babies, try to avoid dungaree style tops as these tend to bunch up to baby’s face when sitting for the portrait and can be very distracting.  Small children do look good in bare feet. Babies often feel more relaxed in just a nappy so a plain styled one is ideal.


We do have a selection of props and toys at the studio but please bring any favourite toys that may help your child relax.  You may also want to bring props such as musical instruments or sports equipment for your portrait.

Portrait Box

Lindsay asked for a box of Macymai’s portrait as she wanted to be able to swap images in a frame and also have a box of prints to enjoy.  Thanks for the inspiration Lindsay, this looks great.  Each 14×10 image is on 16×12 thin card and in a presentation box.  At just £35 per image this is a great way to build a portfolio of your family.Portrait Box