What Should I Wear?

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The clothes you wear in a portrait can have a big impact on the end result so if you are not sure what to wear please feel free to bring a couple of outfits and change here at the studio.

COMFORT     Feeling comfortable in what you are wearing will have an influence on how you look in your portrait.  So make sure you feel good in the clothes you choose.  What we wear conveys something about our personality and on the look of the portrait, so think about how you want the picture to look- i.e. if you are after a fun vibe then casual bright clothes will suit, but if you want to look more traditional you will need to dress more formally.


The most important feature of the portrait is your face so avoid loud patterns that will detract.

Long sleeves better than short.


Wear similar tones.  If everyone is in dark tones apart from 1 person in light tones, that person will stand out.

Denim in any colour works well.  It’s a classic that won’t go out of style.

Avoid Patterns and busy designs. All busy patterns will be distracting.

Beware of Red it attracts attention, if you want to stand out on purpose wear red.  If you chose red for everyone, its best if they match.

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CHILDREN  are the exception and do look good in brighter colours.

Babies, try to avoid dungaree style tops as these tend to bunch up to baby’s face when sitting for the portrait and can be very distracting.  Small children do look good in bare feet. Babies often feel more relaxed in just a nappy so a plain styled one is ideal.


We do have a selection of props and toys at the studio but please bring any favourite toys that may help your child relax.  You may also want to bring props such as musical instruments or sports equipment for your portrait.


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